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Laptops are the most essential part of our lives. The majority of the people cannot imagine a single day without these gadgets. Laptops play a very important role in the lives of professionals, but they are also gadgets that are highly used for entertainment as well. Laptops are manmade devices and they are prone to damage no matter how much we take care of them. Some of the best brands such as Lenovo offer you with high configuration can also suffer from malfunctions and damages. There are many issues that can arise such as it can fail to boot, do not start, charging problems etc. physical damages are the most common one such as spillage of liquids are the common accidents. They can also get infections and virus after installing something new. All these things can affect the performance of your laptops and the best solution to overcome is to call the experts

Take professional help

We can provide you with the best services immediately. Ghaziabad is a huge city and number of people requires laptop repair services. You are going to find several laptop repair services but it is always recommended to choose the best. The thing that set us apart from the other services is that we offer a huge array of services and have a great focus on the quality customer services. We offer you with number one laptop repair service irrespective of the conditions.

Even if your laptop has any physical damage we can get them repaired easily. We have a professional and trained team of professionals that can do any type of repairs. We also provide high quality replacement parts to our customers. All the parts we sell are genuine and of number one quality. We offer our services in the least time possible and with minimum charges. E maintains a base of high skilled engineers and technicians for the job. We use quality and genuine parts in case your laptop needs any replacement part. We understand the value of your time and can also provide you service on urgent basis. You can also avail on this pot and onsite services with us.

Why choose us?

Our Lenovo service center in Ghaziabad offers you with top notch services and products. We also offer services such as data backup, data restoring, spam ware removal and installations of the latest anti-virus software's. This way you will be able to protect your information and laptops from threats of internet. It will also protect your laptops from future damage. We are just a call away.

the solutions you are looking for we are the best in the industry to provide effective solutions. We have gained huge reputation in the laptop repair industry. We are a hard working team of professionals who love to see a smile on our customers face. We take our job very seriously so that we can provide high quality services.

Do you feel that your laptop puts an alarm for repairs only when you need it the most? Yes, this is quite true. But the laptop is also a machine made by man, so it becomes inevitable for it to remain secluded with its repairing process. The sole reason why laptop users shy from laptop repairing is the fact that they seem incapable of finding a good laptop repair centre. To end the worries of one and all, we at NCR System Solutions provides a comprehensive laptop repair service for both the commercial as well as residential users.

Our Lenovo laptop service centre in Ghaziabad excels not only in the technical support, but also brings to the clients the top notch brands of hard drives, motherboards, memory upgrades, power supplies, to name a few. We also provide virus and spamware removal services and can also install a good anti-virus software in the laptop to protect it from damage in the future.

We, the dependable experts at NCR Solutions, are just a call away. You may drop your massage, what exactly you are looking for or Dial +91-9717156898

What if you are about to start an important project and your laptop suddenly stops working? This is the most frustrating moment in life that you will have to go through. You try to repair on your own because of the burden of the deadlines but fail to start it up. In such cases of emergencies you can take our help if you are residing in Faridabad. We have a service center in Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon and Delhi as well. We provide standard emergency services to our customers. We know how important deadlines are as we go through this every minute at our service centers. We repair hundreds of laptops everyday and every customer provides us with a deadline.

Our professional team

The company gives the credit to the team because they are the man behind the success of our company. We have professional and experienced team of technicians and they can provide you with high quality services. They work night and day to meet the deadlines of laptop repairs. Their dedication provides you with the minimum repairing time. We are doing this successful job from years and have gained huge amount of experience. We know each and every component closely that is incorporated in the laptops. They are very complex and critical thus we recommend our customers not to handle it on their own. This can seriously damage your laptops and it might not get repaired and became a total trash.

There are many laptop repair companies that take advantages of people problems who visit them for laptop repairs. But honesty is the first rule developed by a company. We have built strong principles and each and every man at NCR system solution ideally works on that principal. We have a successful business and a strong customer base. We feel happy to help our customers when they need it the most. Our company is certified and guarantees you with satisfactory services at reasonable prices. Here are some of the services explained that we provide at laptop service center in Ghaziabad.

  • Lenovo laptop repair
  • Screen installation and replacement
  • Motherboard repair and replacement
  • Data back up and restoring services
  • New OS installation
  • Fan repair services
  • DC power jack replacement
  • Hard drive upgrade services

And there is a long list of the services that we provide to our customers in Faridabad and other service centers in Delhi. We can repair major brands of laptops including Lenovo thus you do not have to worry about the brand of laptop you are having. It is a very good idea to take our professional assistance instead of doing it on your own. Laptops are complicated devices and over confidence might lead to irreparable damage. You can call us for pick and drop services, onsite services. You can also contact our troubleshooting experts online directly from our websites. Whatever your laptop repair needs is, just leave it upon us and eliminate the stress of meeting the deadlines. We also offer same day repair services to our clients.

If you are a laptop user you would understand the frustration of your laptop refusing to start just before an important meeting or presentation. At such times your only conce is to get the device up and running at the earliest without worrying about the efficiency of the repairing service or the price you have to pay for the same. Many laptop repairing centers have been doing successful business by providing sub standard emergency services to customers at excessive price. However, at NCR System Solution you are guaranteed to get high quality services in a fast and affordable manner.

We do not believe in making profits by taking advantage of the customers when they are in a fix. Rather we are committed to the principle of building a strong relationship with our customers based on mutual trust and transparency. That is why the entire staff at our laptop service center in Ghaziabad offers friendly and personalized service to resolve all your device issues in a quick and professional way.